Dunolde, I'm not sure the game is for you. The complexity of flying is about on par with Elite and if you didn't like that, you probably won't like this. Besides, there's a ways to go before it's actually out. The 3.0 patch that will be coming out soon (that's a Chris Roberts soon, so who's knows when) will add more, but it will still be an early version with only a single system and some missions.

There's no harm in waiting, unless you really want to jump in on really early builds and do testing. Also, there's some freefly weekends they do periodically that will let you demo what they currently have. Just keep an eye out.

I'd suggest to anyone who is on the fence to just hold off. It's still early and there's a ways to go before it gets released.

As for me, I'm stoked and backed a long time ago. Cannot wait for 3.0 to do some more fooling around in the 'verse. But then I'm crazy and probably not the best person to be listening to.