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I have a motocross race I'm doing on Sunday at a track called Hangtown in Sacramento.


If you ever do that again check out Prairie City near Folsom - mind you it's been over 20 years since I rode dirtbikes there, but that place was a BLAST!

They even have (or did) some small road tracks - I did some YSR-50 racing there (actually with Suzuki RM-80 motors stuffed in them), that was so crazy. These bikes were so tiny, but they'd flip you over in a heartbeat if your wrist didn't know what it was doing, and they'd go 100mph with the right gearing (at Prairie City we'd gear for around maybe 60mph top speed though).

That sounds slow, and looks slow to an outside observer, but when your face is inches off the ground carving through a corner (and NO full size bike can corner like these things!) a mere 40mph is WAY fast.....