Thank's for your help Thealx! Without you I would be totally lost sometimes!

I think I will make it the way you descripted. There isn't so much difference between the left and the right side. The details at the right front are hidden by the 3D model of the gun and the cockpit side window is anyway changed by the separate model of the cockpit door on the left side.

I also think that it does not make sense to do so much work at this details. I still have to make the painting itself (black and two different camouflage) which then should be used as a second layer under the details, so a lot of graphic work for those textures have also to be made.

I also wanted to make the Havoc and the Alligator the same way and I wanted to make this work before the next 10 years, if possible hahaha

It's more work than I thought at first. In theory it was clearly simple but the practical experience is always bit different biggrin

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