Ok, thanks. I'm understanding it now. I'm still working out how the LW scene is linked to the code for various things.

There's a lot of code commented out with #if 0 blocks that seemed to be added with the Direct3D9 conversion, so I wasn't sure how much of it was still usable.

I'll try and get one of the lamps working using these methods, and if it's successful I'll do the others.

Do you think I should create new RWR objects for the Havoc, or just reuse the Hind ones you've added? I'm sometimes not sure about reusing code and objects from other cockpits, in case someone makes a change in one place that breaks other cockpits. For example, when I was doing the Havoc instruments, there's code in ha_instr.c that is used by the hind, but not used anymore by the Havoc. But when I removed it, the Hind cockpit broke.