You are planning to use texture animation, but not sure it's good idea - we can't expand it's functionality since original release, and I am not sure it will work with OGRE implementation in future. Texture animation is applying to the surface of the model, other words you are applying some pre-defined texture to the polygons, set animation name for the surface, and then game manipulate with this texture.
Instead you could use the way which modern cockpits using - subobjects manipulation. Arneh usually placed lamp polygons as subobjects into the scene, and make code to hide (lamp inactive) or show (lamp active) them. I have tried another thing - lamps are always presented in the scene, but they are closed by shatter - simple non-transparent polygon, when it's hided - lamp is active. Both are complicated, but with texture animation you have really small chances to succeed, especially without background knowledge.

I have pushed working threat warning lamps for Havoc - code and subobjects was taken from Hind (copy all mi24v_rwr***.eeo into Mi-28_Havoc_Instruments folder). You can see on example how lamps presented in the scene, what labels has and how placed. You should notice that parent NullObject has rotated and positioned to fit original Hind's lamps into Havoc cockpit object.

Last release is 1.16.0, you can see it in the GIT log (yellow tag), so this one should be 1.16.1