Hi. I have fly around for a while, everything works properly - great job.
One thing I noticed - rotor RPM dial also should have engines torque needles. As torque grades to the right are not available, it's only way to know engines state so I think it's important, but it's your choice anyway.

As for code changes, I have some notes:

1. You should never use something like "01" in version number. Thing you may want to use is build number (under minor version), but we have no such so only possible solution is make it as "1.16.1". It doesn't mean this version should be released immediately - you can wait for a while until other modders (including me) will finish their tasks, so this one can be named as 1.16.1a or whatever (APP_NAME is a string so type there anything you want), but MINOR_VERSION is integer - please revert related changes in the code.

2. you have commit changes in CMAKE.BAT, DMAKE.BAT files. it's not a big deal but next time please exclude them. no need to fix anything, just leave it like that.