Thank you for kudos, guys, but nothing miraculous from my side. I am just hobbyist progammer. All whistles goes to BuckeyeBob for his effort with clouds and weather modding.
Here you can download the latest version of Mission Editor, enabling to enjoy all changes to weather files created by BuckeyeBob: ME 1.3.7
Revision changes:
1. Weather Manager (WM) - copied altitude from all BB's Mist and Fog files to Bkgnd weather;
2. WM - fogColor replacement probability increased to 80%;
3. WM - preset "HeavyRain" condition (horizon) for fog and mist weather;
4. WM - added choice of "cloud file default" or "custom" windspeeds;
5. Flight Plan (FP) - fixed Flight Itinerary bug when deleted WPs still showed in itinerary;
6. WM - fixed Weather Manager crash if cloud file contains more than 5 cloud types;
7. WM - added BB's latest cloud file(s);
8. WM - wind speeds copied from cloud file randomized by interval +/-2 kts;