Things are a little quiet on the Forum right now, so I thought I would give everyone a small preview of some of the changes that will be implemented in the next version of JJJ65's Mission Editor. More specifically, I have been working with JJJ on adding a few changes to the Weather Manager part of the program to make it more flexible, as well as more compatible with my cloud mod.

Among the changes:
1) The user now has the option of selecting their own wind speed settings for each mission, or using default wind speeds as determined by either WOFF or the Optional Cloud Mod 2.5 (depending on whether they use OCM 2.5 or not. Wind speeds in OCM 2.5 range from 0 m/sec to 6 m/sec).

2) Wind direction is now randomly selected from points all over the compass, instead of the 12 or so default directions in WOFF.

3) More detailed information about weather conditions for each mission, including general weather conditions, wind direction, and even expected cloud conditions over the front during the mission!

4) The addition of tool tips for some buttons in order to more fully explain the purpose of each button.

5) Several additional "behind the scenes" changes to make the ME even more functional and easy to use.

6) With the upcoming OCM 2.6, the revised ME will also allow me to create even better looking fog and mist, with less cloud popping than before. OCM 2.6 should be ready in a week or so.

I know that JJJ has been working extremely hard on the ME in order to enhance the overall WOFF experience. He recently estimated to me that the ME currently has over 15,000 lines of code! So, I think JJJ has earned a well-deserved round of applause. Thank you JJJ65! clapping

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