I have some free models here which aren't really bad and low poly. I have to adjust some things but not too much. They are free for commercial and personal use.

The AH-1F is single turbine only. The models in EECH are Supercobras (AH-1W) or the AH-1Z Viper with a totally different fuselage and two turbines. Would be more complex to change this all as adjusting the models I have.

The cockpit is a different thing. That must be really done mostly from scratch, because the AH-1F had not much modern systems. Most was analog only and the shape of the panel is very different from the AH-1Z. It also used a standard center cyclic, not the sidestick the AH-1Z uses. Another thing are the anti tank missles. The AH-1F used a TOW-system instead of the Hellfire's. I've heared that there were some models which could use Hellfire's also, but don't know if this only was for testing purposes.

But that all is really a future plan, first I want to do as much as I'm able to do for the russian helicopters. It's only that I always loved the AH-1F (since I was a kid) and it was the backbone of the US attack helicopters before the AH-64A appeared. That's why I thought it should be in EECH too. Would fit nice as a counterpart to the MI-24V we have.

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