I don't know it exactly. It looks like they made different versions of it. As far as I know they have experimented with a night attack version (seems that those are the black ones), but then decided to built the KA-52 instead (which shares most of the parts of the KA-50), because of a WSO was needed for controlling the systems. There exist many variations of camouflage versions also. A more beige-colored, a darker brown-colored and a blue-colored (and many others).

There are some other black versions which were shown at different airshows to find some countries for export. Those have a lot of company logos on the fuselage.

I will try to make a black (norm), a beige-colored (desert) and a blue-colored (winter) camouflage. If things work out like I have planed, it should be easy to make different camouflage versions. If I'm ready with it, I will upload the base textures also, so everyone can make his own repaint which he prefers.

I will do the same principle for the other russian helos, too. The US choppers do not have so much different schemes. Even the Apache does not use desert camos in the Irak or Afghanistan. Same goes for the Viper which is always grey (Marines).


How complex is it to built new helos? I would like to make an AH-1F Cobra (flat canopy) which would really good fit to the Europe theater. It seems I'm able to do the cockpit model and the helicopter itself, but I have no idea how to make all the animation stuff at the moment. Maybe I will get the rotors working (if there is not much needed to write or adjust in the source code) but I'm totally lost with the systems and the instruments.

If I'm able to make a good looking model, would you then help me (only if your Blackhawk is ready of course) to integrate it to Allmods? No worry I will take time too, before I will start with this project.

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