Hey Paarma,

Sorry, I missed this post.

That's a good eye. Gontermann is the original owner of the paint job!

Max Mueller is (or was) my Centenary DiD pilot. He is completely fictional. Just for fun, I paint up a skin for my pilots. But as I would never have the skill to create a camo like this from scratch, I generally take a historic skin that has some area for personalization (i.e. a blank fuselage or a band that I can put something on) and edit it. For instance, Max didn't get to keep this skin for long so I decided to make it the skin of my "N" pilot whose name escapes me at the moment.

Rather than redoing the letter thing I went for a runic symbol this time. Trying to avoid any that have connections to Nazis, neo or otherwise. Went for the traditional meaning of "Strength and honor through sacrifice" as being appropriate to a German pilot of the time.

[Linked Image]

As always, hats off to Lou, OvS, and any others that have painted the original skins...they are magnificent.

Now if I could find some time to get back to DiD. wink

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