Yes, I planed to use this for a new MI-28 cockpit as base. I also would like to do a gunner cockpit, but that's really a hard work.

I started a bit to modernize the original KA-52 cockpit, but that's a true nightmare, cause all is seperated in hundreds of objects.

I only made some simple MFD frames, which look more like the new ones used in the KA-52 and the MI-28N and adjusted some small things until now, but I have decided to finish the KA-50 first.

And I will never be able to do such work as messyhead and thealx or firebird are able to do. I'm totally lost in the source code, but it's important for all the gauges and displays to get them working. So I will not be able to do a complete cockpit from scratch. Don't know if I ever will learn this too, because that's a so frustrating complex thing sigh

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