Yes, I use tga for the camo itself, but the insignia which change with every theater are in DDS-file format and use an alpha channel for transparency. You need this transparency to use the insignia like decals that you can place anywhere in the 3D model itself.

I want to make the new Russian Star that's now used since 2010, but I also wanted that it's still possible to use the old insignias, so designer of new campaigns could decide what they like to use. I don't want to change things, only add some new parts to Allmods and stay compatible.

I had also made some new parts for the KA-50 or rename them in the model, cause there are many parts used which share parts of the KA-52 Alligator. This way it wasn't possible to do extra paintings for the KA-50 Blackshark, because things then changed also in the Alligator and the other way arround. It's a bit tricky for this two helo's.

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