Hello messyhead,

the point "Fix KA-50 cockpit lighting" should be renamed to "Fix all helicopters cockpit lighting" because non of the helos have a cockpit illumination in 1.16.0 Fix1.

Only the MI-28 has different textures for day, dusk, night.

Compare it with 1.15.4. Here every helicopter has a cockpit illumination (even the MI-28 additional to the three texture sets), to see what I mean.

It's not so noticeable in the US choppers in 1.16.0 because they have less steam gauges and big MFD's, so the dark cockpit isn't very eye-catching at the first moment, but the cockpit lightning is definitely missing in all helicopters.

Cockpit lightning in 1.15.4 must be something like a helicopter independent 3D feature which is defined in the game code itself.

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