Hi folks. I've created this thread to try and collate all of the various mods and requests that are spread about the forum in different threads and posts. I think a lot of great work and information has been lost or forgotten, so this thread is to try and act as an index and quick reference to where those are. I've personally got a long list of threads in my subscribed list that relate to previous features that either never got finished, or were never included in a release.

It should hopefully also act as a tracker for when things get added to EECH.

I'd like there to be some rules for what goes in here though.

1. Don't go off topic. By that I mean, don't get into drawn out conversations about what should/shouldn't be in EECH, or fixes that could be done etc. If posts are made that go that way, then they'll be deleted.

2. If you want to discuss a particular mod that is linked from this thread, then please do so in a new thread, or in the original thread for that mod.

3. Please don't use this as a place to raise bug reports.

4. If you'd like to request a feature, first do a search of the forum to see if it has been requested in the past and link to that thread. If it hasn't been discussed in the past, then post the feature you'd like to see.

5. As per 4, but for bug fixes. There are many bug reports in various release threads already on the forum. If your bug has been raised already, then link to that bug report thread.

6. If you want to raise a feature request or bug, please start a new thread and then post in this thread linking to the request. The first post will be edited to include this so it continues to work as an index. That way all discussion regarding the request can be kept in the separate thread.