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Sheesh, Raine that's some mighty fine Scottish! Love it!

Jeff, I'm as pretend a drunk as can be. Only once in my life was I even close to being drunk, and i didn't like it. And well I recall a fellow in college who did what you did, and when I say it wasn't pretty, I mean the kid could've freakin' died, and we were too stupid to realize it. Thank God he didn't. We were in a hotel on an ROTC base visit. He was bunking with me and he'd had substances coming from every orifice in various places around the room throughout the night. So the next morning I let him sleep as long as I could, then I went up to the room, and woke him up by pounding on the hollow metal door like I was going to go through it. Sweet, merciful type, that's me! Or at least 17 year old me!

I'm such a non-drinker I thought I'd have to avow my Irish heritage! But then I found that I like a good, fresh Guinness, and so managed to keep my Irish pride!



I hear ya Tom and admire your non-drunkenness! Well, I've had my moments....the peppermint schnapps was a college adventure, and when I studied in England, I tell you EVERYONE I met drank, and many drank a lot. Heck, they have bars in each of the dorms (they call them "Colleges"), and the profs join right in with the students (well this was in the 1990s).

And well now I'm a family man and busy with five kids on top of what I do for a career (a long story, but lets say for now that I am very active in my community and run many programs)...also, the culture here in southern Wisconsin is rather alcohol-heavy in my opinion, but my wife and I do not drink nearly as much as many others I know. I drink responsibly and never drive when I've even had just one, etc., blah, etc.

But I will say, in real life, I will occasionally get one of these to mix with my Coca-cola:

[Linked Image]

...it's one of those 50ml "Nips"....once I've had one of those, it is enough for me!



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