Well....hmm...it has been a while since folks have replied to this thread, but it's time to "fire it up" once again! explode

Seems some folks think I might have the qualifications to become, well, part of the barmy! Wait, is that proper grammatical usage? I think I just become.... barmy!...or wait, I must already be barmy to be in the club....

....so,OK, lets see if I can line up with at least four of the qualifications:

15. You visit the OFF forum at least three times a day when not physically prevented from doing so. Ha! More like 30! wink

17. Your spouse or partner can immediately tell by the look on your face that your virtual self has 'bought the farm'. Yes, definintely, and to the point where I am then advised to seek therapy and not bore her with such details (and instead talk about the Crawley family or something else [although I have convinced her to watch BBC Wings with me thumbsup])

21. You lobby with greater fervour for a new aeroplane type to be included in the next (W)OFF enhancement than you would for better saftey features in school buses. Ha! Our buses are more important than their buses anyway wink Edit: I just realized why this is actually true! The year is 1915...school buses were not around yet, and school bus safety features could have been designed by...the kin of men who flew WWI buses! rofl. ....at least to myself...is that barmy? wink

18. You have a replica WWI pilots uniform in your 'den'. Well, not quite, but I did recently purchase a 1915 one shilling piece from ebay just to feel what it was like, and also knowing my current pilot (George Lyons) gets seven of those a day...cold comfort if he dies!

19. You can't remember the last book you bought that wasn't connected with WWI aviation ....actually, almost true! I had to think about it, but since April I have acquired five books, one magazine, and borrowed a few more via interlibrary loan (a wonderful thing in the USA) all about WWI aviation. Fortunately, the library director at my local library is also a WWI buff, and I've been able to talk to him on occasion about stuff, including WOFF of course.

Requesting permission to embark! salute



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WOFF:UE Computer Specs and set-up:
Homebuilt Computer!
Intel i5-3570k mildly overclocked to 3.8ghz
AsRock Z75 mobo
Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB (EVGA one fan version)
42 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV with 120hz refresh
Very old (over 20 years now) Aiwa Receiver/Amplifier
Very old giant stereo speakers with newer sub-woofer
Very old Logitech Wingman joystick with two buttons and a throttle slider
Very old CH Thurstmaster analog footpedals
Manhattan analog/USB converter