Back when I was a Moderator here, it was a requirement to write no less than one article per quarter. If we did not write an article, stay on top of our fourms assigned, participate in forum discussions... we were no longer kept on as Moderators. As for my situation, I quit being a Moderator. Not because I couldn't handle being a Moderator, but, at the time (after SimHQ changed hands) there was far less content worthy of the SimHQ quality formally seen being produced. Things had changed in article format and the "approval" of said article. I was doing what I could to keep abreast of all things sim related as well controllers... Not all that easy to say the least. I don't play in the PWEC (typically), as PM implies, if you're not into that crap, stay outa the swamp. Me, I voted for the current SECDEF. wink

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