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As you say this was your first "open practice", what were the previous videos from? I.e. what is the difference?

The other videos were just "trail" riding...this is more motocross on a MX track. I did have one video of me doing this track in the off season bone dry with nobody else on it. This was an actual "event" with a $30 entry fee and 40 other bikes out there in my Novice class. I'm not used to riding in muddy/soupy conditions with rutted corners and a lot of riders out there.

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I got out of dirtbikes mid 90's - saw too many people breaking their backs, necks.....

About to buy my eighth street bike though, swear it's my last, yeah right......

It's funny...I feel the opposite! I rode street bikes from teenager to my late 30's...gave it up cause it's too dangerous. In the dirt...we are all going the same direction and not on our cel phones behind the wheel of a 2 ton killing machine...lol

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