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Awesome screenshots Capt! Glad to see that you are getting time to play. What do you enjoy most about UE?

Hiya Hellshade! Hope you're doing well mate!

That's a tough question to answer, too! It's hard to compare WOFF with UE as I didn't play WOFF 3 for very long before making the jump to UE so I can best compare it back to OFF. It just feels like the complete package - from the opening screen until you (hopefully) set back down on your field after a sortie, it feels like a fully realized sim from end to end.

I think if I absolutely had to pick a feature? I'd have to say its the AI. After playing flight sims since... when was it, 1993 or so? It's easy to still have an edge over the computer and learn their routines. But I still cannot anticipate what an enemy aircraft is going to do in WOFF UE and the results of all of the AI working together in the sky really paints a convincing picture that you are watching real pilots fight it out. Some run, some get scared, others get the upper hand and engage. It's amazing to watch a dogfight unfold in a way that really feels organic and believable.

I went back and fired up Red Baron off of my USB hard drive and wow... have we come a long way. Even after not touching it for a few years now, I could still predict where the AI was going and then lead shoot him from at least 300 feet back! Not the case in UE! And heaven help you when they get behind you - I've been downed at least a dozen times in UE from an enemy I didn't see who blasted my plane to bits from my 6 o'clock with one lethal pass. You really don't get a second chance up there!

And the sim still surprises - as you probably saw with my question about guns taking damage! You never know what you're going to find, and that's what brings me back again and again.

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