OvS has been hard at work at a new project and he has been kind enough to share an advanced copy of it with me. It seems he has red-done or created from scratch a huge inventory of high resolution OAW DIII and Early DIII skins! They look just fantastic. I will be showcasing a few but hopefully they will be able to be released to the public sometime soon! In any case, I noticed that I couldn't fly the DIII for crap before, but with the new skins I have been turned into a killing machine!! (Okay, before was the DIII and this is the OAW DIII, but whatever. I still credit OvS for inspiring me to fly better with his incredible high resolution paint jobs.) Truly he is an artist. Thanks for all that you do for the community James!

An example of a high resolution Ace skin. Beautiful work, OvS!

And another OAW Ace skin

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