Thanks guys. I just try not to die. lol

So we are flying along in a shiny new DR1s and the flight suddenly starts acting funny. I look around and eventually I see it, a lone Allied craft diving in at us while his wing man flies off back towards his own lines. "What a fool", I thought. This will be an easy kill. Not so! This DH4 pilot was incredible in how he handled his kite, especially against DR1s. He threw his crate all over the sky and gave me hell trying to get a bead on him.

The final report showed that none of us actually shot him down. Evidently when he swooped down low to throw off his antagonists, his damaged craft did not respond as well as it should have and it looked like he skipped off the ground. The bounce was too much and turned him into a rolling ball of fire across the landscape. Even for this, I cannot fault him, for in my pursuit of him I miscalculated how much stress my DR1s wings could handle in a dive and I did a fair amount of damage to my own crate. Whoever he was, we all drank a toast to his skill and bravery once we returned back to base.

Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
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