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Freakin awesome Hellshade! That was cool! If your pilot made it back to base, I'll bet he opened that bottle he was saving for the end of the war, lol!

My engine stopped while still behind enemy lines on my way out. Gliding down with no hope of making it even to no man's land let alone my side, I looked for a long straight road to land on. No kidding, there was an enemy observation balloon near the road and i put his craft into a dive to pick up some speed and made a pass at it. I got smoke! So I pulled up with my diving speed, circled back for a second gliding pass at the balloon and blew it up! I then managed to still safely land on the road. I wish I hadn't stopped recording, as I have no proof to offer of the event. It was pretty amazing though.

Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
videos at www.youtube.com/hellshade68