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My plug for a script:

It's 2019. Turkey was kicked out of NATO and formed some sort of alliance with Saudi-Arabia and Russia (as "silent partner"). The Iranian President has always secretly been a pro-western secularist, and manages to start a coup that get's rid of the theocratic leaders, which results in a short, but intense civil war, which makes Iran firmly pro-Western, but also weakens its military considerably.

Premise: Saudi-Arabia and Turkey try to seize the opportunity by dealing a heavy blow to Shia Islam, and are on the brink of invading Iran. The US and NATO can not really intervene due to their ties with the Saudis, and for fear of an escalation with Russia. Nevertheless, a Carrier battle group (with a MEU attached as a further deterrent) has been deployed to the Indian Ocean near the Persian Gulf.

Story: Maverick is commanding NSAWC at NAS Fallon, very close to retirement. He is supervising his last "Top Gun" class, with Goose's son being just as difficult as Maverick himself was and so on. The class is now a mix of Navy and Marines pilots, with the Navy still flying Super Hornets and the Marines already transitioned to F-35's. There will be tension between Goose's son and some other hotshot but arrogant pilot over yet another hotshot female pilot, and Maverick has to set his head straight on several occasions.

Mid-movie Volleyball game.

Shortly before the class is concluded, the pilots are being recalled to the Carrier battle group in the Gulf because tensions are high. A joint Saudi/Turkey operation against the newly pro-Western Iran is imminent.

Meanwhile, we learn that Iceman had left the Navy and is now working with a contractor that is upgrading Iran's remaining F-14's to Super Tomcat 21 status.

When the Saudi-Turkish Alliance launches their assault, the pilots of the Carrier battle group begin engaging their aircraft. Unfortunately, a Russian hacker group managed to introduce a virus into the F-35 computers, making them inoperational. Maverick, who had been visiting Iceman in Iran convinces Ice to join him leading a flight of Iranian Tomcats (and their rather inexperienced young post-coup pilots) to cover for the F-35's protecting the MEU and their sector. They arrive in the nick of time. Of course they succeed, and when technicians finally manage to get rid of the virus, the F-35's join the fray, and a Turkey shoot (pun alert !!!) begins.

They win, Saudi-Arabia and Turkey lose 95% of their air forces and have to sue for peace.

Maverick and Iceman fly off into the sunset with the Tomcats. Roll credits...to 80's rock music.

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Awesome! Take this to Hollywood haha, love it.

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