Hey JJJ, found something peculiar happening when using latest version of ME. When running escort missions, the escorted airplanes would fly to the rendezvous point and proceed directly to the detach waypoint, skipping the target waypoint. This doesn't happen every time, perhaps even only with specific escort missions like close air support but not reconnaissance? When such a mission came up I had a look at the flightpath of the escorted flight in ME and sure enough the target waypoint was missing. Now, if I didn't save this mission in ME and just continued with the mission, as if never used ME, the mission would work fine and the escorted planes would fly to the target area. Seems like ME is not capturing the target waypoint for those specific escort missions. See attached screen shots of what I mean:

[Linked Image]

Briefing Room

[Linked Image]

B-flight flight plan in ME

[Linked Image]

Escorted airplane flight path in ME

Do you think it's something that can be fixed? (Maybe it's just happening to me?)

Attached Files Mission.JPGBFlight.JPGEscort.JPG

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