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Thats a great idea Fullofit and JJJ..your ME just gets better and better pal

Adger, sometimes lazy people have good ideas. Glad you like it, Bud.

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, that reminds me. Let's make sure A-flight doesn't occupy the same space as B-flight. They should fly above B-flight, so probably will have to add extra altitude to each waypoint. Thanks again!

Yes, that was my intention either: ME will copy entire route of B flight to A flight and add to each waypoint 50 -100 m altitude.

JJJ, great minds think alike. winkngrin

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Great idea, Fullofit!

JJJ, I would suggest the difference in altitude between A and B flight be set a little higher: say 200 to 600 m instead of 50 to 100 m. Too close and they may wind up crashing into each other! Also, too low defeats the purpose of "top-cover," I think.

It would also be very cool if you could vary the distance in altitude from mission to mission, so that A flight is not always the exact same height above B flight.


Bob, I like it. The altitude should vary if JJJ can figure it out. Do you think if B-flight is escorting two-seaters, A-flight could scout ahead instead of sticking around? Any other mission anyone can think of where A-flight could roam? I suppose if you're flying a two-seater you would want A-flight pretty close all the time, no?

Speaking of two-seaters. Ever noticed that you never get escorted by a flight from another squadron? If you fly a scout, you regularly escort recon/bombers from other squadrons, but never the other way around. Wonder why that is?

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