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If I am not mistaken, JJJ uses OldHat's wind mod to generate the wind speeds in JJJ's editor. If you leave the weather to default or automatic however, you either get the stock WOFF wind speeds and directions, or if you are using my cloud mod, you get my wind speeds and directions. I think.

WOFF creates for each mission an OFFDynamicMissionWeather file that is simply mixture of clouds and windspeeds for all theatre areas. Mission Editor allows user to further customize generated wind speeds, directions and horizon haze. Wind speed and directions values are randomized from range set by user.
It does not matter if BuckeyeBob's cloud mod (or any other weather mod) is enabled or not.
In addition, users now have an option to modify bumps and turbulence by WOFF Multimod application/mod.
I hope it is clearer now ;-).