So last night I was flying in my 1918 German campaign - with Bruno Stachel in Jasta 34b. The campaign gives you a very good taste of how unpleasant it must have been to be a German flier at the end of the war.

During the mission, we engaged a flight of French Nieuport 27's - which seemed to hound us for several missions. As we attacked, they dove for the deck and as I rolled my Pfalz over to chase him through the clouds, I had one heck of a flashback.

The first attachment is a screenshot I snapped of the intro video to Red Baron II/3D from back in the day. I've probably seen this intro 10,000 times by now.

[Linked Image]

And the second is a snap I grabbed as we descended through the clouds. I distinctly remember playing RB back in 1998 - when I was 15 years old - and thinking "man, how cool would it be if games looked this real one day?"

[Linked Image]

Well, it looks like that day has come - and then some - as the screenshot of my mission looks better than the cinematics from back in the day!

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