I don't know if you fly DCS A10-c, but if you do, then you probalbly use Loz's Helios profile. If so, you should be aware that the Tacan panel no longer works in Loz as the code for the Tacan panel was recently changes. See below:

[FSF]Ian 04-24-2017 04:14 AM
In DCS, the implementation details of the TACAN panel in the A-10C were changed. Here's the commit that fixed it in DCS-BIOS (the diff shows what values changed): The TACAN controls now have their own device ID and different button numbers than before.

The above has to do with DCS Bios, which I do not use. I have managed to apply new keyboard presses to the new Tacan controls, but when I tried to incorporate them in Loz's profile, they didn't work-my knowledge of Helios is very limited. I tried to follow your examples above, but no joy . If you would like to work on this project with me, let me know.

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