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Deacon, What happened to Kurt? Like the new paint job.

Thanks. I was foolish enough to accept a night patrol. I couldn't see anything....the Nieuport pilot wasn't quite so handicapped. Got away, but nosed it over on landing!

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Well, Kurt is dead. Long live Leopold!

Hehe, nice logo.

If you want to German it up some more, "Immer in der Dreck" might be a forum friendly translation to German. (Always in the dirt/poop)

Hehe, I like it! But all I did was change the "in" to "im", in accordance with the limits of my artistic skills. I figured that the Latin was universal enough to work with both the Brits and the Germans.

The rest was cutting and pasting. smile

And of course, OvS did all the hard work striping the thing. I just added to an existing skin.