Version 1.1.6 released - DL link in the first post.

List of changes in v1.1.6:

- added airplane selection droplist,
- Wind/weather mod - added horizon fog fix/removal per BuckeyeBob's suggestions,
- Wind/weather mod further enhancements/wind tuning, no need to swith off winds in WOFF UE workshop anymore
- added colorized squad members status on roster table,
- flightplan window is saved to FP.txt file and automatically opened in Notepad,
- alternate mapcheckbox switch (Thunderforest Landscape map provider),
- "Open file" dialog shortcuts to campaign mission by default,
- fixed payload settings for mixed planes in one formation,
- fixed bug when adding formation for selected region and date planes were not filtered correctly,
- fixed "Yes/No" message boxes functioning
and other small fixes