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Fullofit, what's your secret on your artsy screenshots? When I try and post mine the new forum format tells me they are too big, but your's are so small in comparison. Which app are you using to add your effects?

Banjoman, I use Gimp to edit the images. I also reduce the image size in this program and when saving you also have the control over compression. Otherwise, if it's straight conversion from .BMP to .JPG I just right click the file and select "edit". This takes me to the Paint program that comes with Win 10. There, I simply select "save as JPG picture" and it's done. If I have a few of those to convert I just select all of them and right click on "edit". Windows will open all of them and then you can "save as" each one. Saves on a few clicks. Typically I don't post larger than 1800 pixels wide, since the forum reduces it and you lose some of the detail. Also the Attachment Manager doesn't allow images larger than 1 MB. At 1800 pixels that's more than plenty.

"Take the cylinder out of my kidneys,
The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."