Thx for kudos, Fullofit. It isthe best reward for modder to know people use his mod.

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The setting for DID HA's always defaults to ON. Is it possible for ME to remember the setting?

I will sure look into it. I thought about the same.

Question 2: would it be possible to send the wounded HA's in your squad to hospital for a few days? Say, lightly wounded - 2 days, wounded - 5 days, mortally wounded - 10 days

Unfortunatelly not. All of the above is controlled and hardcoded in WOFF. It is impossible without modification to WOFF code, so, I can only recommend you to ask devs.

And Question 3: Does ME allow for swapping planes for the rest of your squad?

So far only manually. However, you can assign any plane you wish, even enemy :-). But it is valid only for edited mission and it will revert back after mission is flown. No persistent changes are possible. You will have to manually modify your flight's planes before each mission. I think of adding a scroll list of planes for easier selection. BTW, do you want to have the list of all planes or only friendly planes or only planes available to your squad at given date?