Fair enough.

When I was a kid I made a detailed pen and paper database of WW2 air force units and devised my own RPG style board game based on dice rolls and rules of thumb. Then I wrote a story about it, I don't have the story anymore but I'll offer that as a qualification.

I use the clock system to point things out in real life.

When I was 8 I was featured in a newspaper article after correctly identifying a Nieuport in a local museum while within earshot of the curator.

I play WoFF with my fan blowing in my face.

I involuntarily attempt to change the PoV while watching flight sim videos on youtube by tilting my head while shouting tactical advice at the screen.

My pilots always have an evolving backstory, even the ones I create specifically to play with when I've partaken of a few beers because I want to protect my more serious pilots.

Hopefully my credentials meet your satisfaction. biggrin

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