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Good to see you back making a visit Olham!
I must tell you that Roucourt has finally been finished and released as a mod.

Wow - really? You worked it out, and it works?
Wonderful, Robert - another gem added, that will definitely bring me back to flying WOFF.
Thank you for your admirable endurance!

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Wow, so good to hear from you Olham. I was beginning to wonder what became of you.

What "became" of me?
What did you fear I might have become? A Clochard, sleeping under bridges? Breakfast bacon? biggrin
No, I'm alive and well, don't worry!
I am recently only just addicted to sailing in the Carribean.
And I'm not one who can immerse into two games/sims at the same time - never worked for me.

But I KNOW, I will come back to WOFF one (soon?) day - it is just too great a world!
Thanks for your greetings, gents!

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