I've done the first two campaigns, but mostly on an A-G role, and this was when Allied Force first came out. A **LOT** of things have happened since then so when I start again, it may as well be the first time smile Like I said, I usually never bothered with what the ATO generated and only really edited my flight loadout and route to be sure I was safe. Definitely NOTHING about controlling ground troops and also NOTHING about the bigger war picture.

I may take your approach when flying my campaign; document stuff and put it up for scrutiny. Best way to learn, right? Just finishing up the last few touches on my setup and I just might make that happen.

As for She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, well, I just stand clear and feed her chocolates and take her for a "walk" on shopping malls so she has come to terms with my hobby. It wasn't like that at first. "Oh, you bought a new game? No, no, go ahead and have fun, enjoy your new game." I would be in the dog house for a week or two biggrin She has since learned that when I say I'm going for a flight, she knows EXACTLY where I am, EXACTLY what I'm doing, and can hear EXACTLY who I talk to and what we talk about. She's had a few friends who are no longer with their husbands/partners because the guy said one thing and did another wink

She now actually likes to talk about how I did with my practice flights.... which usually consists of just doing some A-A refuelling. So when the tanker goes "Contact!", I'll get an echo of "Contact!!" from the next room. biggrin

- Ice