Thanks, AJ. I get that, the first squadrons/escadrilles that I flew when I first got OFF in 2010 was the Laf. Esc. I have always been interested in them and I think one of the very first books I read on WWI was 'Falcons of France' by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall. Being from the US I've read much about them and the Flying Tigers in WWII. I like the idea of volunteering, and of course there was the 'adventure'. So yeh, I like the Laf Esc a lot and I usually go until I run into SPADs. And what I meant was that I don't really care for 1918 much, but will fly for US 'cause I like the Nieuport 28. Sandbagger mentioned the upper wing images that the US pilots were painting on their aircraft, posters, etc. In 'Falcons of France' they asked Nordhoff what he wanted painted there, he said he hadn't really given it any thought, but decided on a palm tree because of the familial connections to the South Pacific. I guess they thought it was kinda 'different', but he kept it. Of course the two of them went on to write my first and favorite 'high seas' adventures, the 'Bounty' trilogy, and I think he lived his life there. Anyway thanks Actionjoe I appreciate the thought. SW