I'm 67yo and did lots of plastic modeling in my life. My last phase I was in my 30's--40's and was doing them with my youngest son and we did some pretty nice ones, aircraft and armor. My favorite thing of all those hours was researching and doing camouflage. Now in WWII the Italian, some Japanese, and some German in North Africa had the most interesting stuff, fun to paint. But in WWI a different story. The French and British didn't do much, pretty boring. The Germans were nice, kinda went through a few phases. Some pretty straight forward camo at first, then the 'anti-camo', the crazy colors and designs, and then the lozenges designs. I remember when I first saw the lozenge I kept wondering how it would work visually, were you less noticeable with that scheme when viewed from above or what? So the USAS then actually tried a pretty workable paint scheme, broad areas of paint that were used later in WWII by US, British, maybe French too. So a nice concept. I like this photo of an N28 with landscape below. SW