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Pure jealousy (or is that ignorance) from the ROF people.

I'd vote ignorance. Not in a nasty way, but in a lack of knowledge way. People often just grab a soundbite and run with it rather then study, or understand it. It's how the media works to control public opinion, or how special interest portray "studies" that favor their agenda or point of view (very few actually delve into the study).

The individual simply looked at the date that CF3 originated and made a giant leap of assumption based on limited data. If the individual did just a bit of research, they'd clearly understand that this game is not replicating 2002 graphics as it stands at this point.

There is having one's point of view, or preference, then there is the art of besmirching based upon said reference or point of view. Seems the individual extrapolated his preference out just a bit.

I've run both sims myself. My preference is this one, but ROF is also an extremely good looking game.