As always, thanks JJJ65!

Have you considered taking your Mission Editor out of the "Beta" phase and officially launching it in the WOFF Mods section and on Sandbagger's WOFF Mods site? A lot of people avoid "Beta" phases and I really think this is ready for public consumption smile

To any who haven't tried JJJ65's Mission Editor, it is one of the slickest mods we have for WOFF. It is very stable and I know of no "bugs" at this time, mostly just JJJ65 tweaking it with new features. Its very intuitive and user friendly, and even if you don't watch the tutorial, you'll figure it out after just a couple of times fiddling with it.

My vote is that you officially "launch" your Mission Editor with all the appropriate "Pomp and Circumstance" due a great mod.

It really is that good! salute

P.S. More pressure for "official" release: I forgot, you have reached and surpassed v1.0, now you're stuck and have to officially release it! winkngrin

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Can you say "JABO!" thumbsup