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Fullofit, I like yours, but do you notice the crosses? For some reason when you use the 'oilify' filter is distorts the edges. I had to fiddle with Mortuus' screenshot to get it where the edges were crisp. Why do you think it does that?

Hey Banjoman, I believe it is the process the filter uses to make the image look like a painting - it softens the edges. Perfect example are the clouds if you compare to original the original is much sharper. Same applies to any detail like the crosses. If it is too sharp you will lose the impression of a painting. It's the same with CGI in movies, if they don't do any post-processing it is easy to recognize it's computer generated. Something that helps with our images is higher resolution. You can apply the filter to HD image and it'll still keep more detail. Then it can be down-sampled to the max image size this website is able to host, which is 1600 pixels in horizontal.
Compare the 2 images below. Both had exactly same filters applied with same settings, but the first one had it applied to higher res. image. Second had its filters applied after rescaling image to 1600 pixels. Hopefully you can pick up more detail on the first image, even though the edges are still blurred to get the right effect.

Note: Images are modified from original.


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