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Another one of those oil painting shots that WOFF does so well.

Hi Deacon.

I'm looking to copy some of the Screen Shots here, and I'd really like to copy this one. I'm doing this thing where, as we build our new house, and my new office (and man-cave), I'm going to be doing the walls with different themes that I enjoy (collections over the years).

Above my desk some of my old Marine Corps stuff; the TV, some sports and golf memorabilia (Fan of Ben Hogan, have his style, and have some of his memorabilia). Over my little work-out area my collection of Norman Rockwell's. At my gaming rig (on the other corner), I've decided to go with a collection of WWI screen shots of the different planes and scenes.

I'm a fan of illustration, water colors, pen and ink, oils more then photos. This game has risen to that level, and this SS is really Amazing.

From one Marine to another, consider it a gift. salute

Actually as I've often said, all credit for these goes to OBD. I only live in their world. biggrin

Anyone can do anything they like with my SS. But I thank you for asking!