Well, I'm not sure it's quite so pretty as that nice blue Nieuport, but I bagged a couple E.III's on my last patrol, and I took a couple screenshots of one of 'em, since he landed so obligingly in basically one piece.

Just after the other guy landed.

Zoomed in, took this screenshot, then decided to try and land next to him to get a closer one.

As I flew past, I saw that there were a lot of trees and a fence there, so I broke off my approach to land. Still came pretty close, though, so I paused to get a couple more screenshots. Shows more damage on the model than I usually get a chance to see - shooting at Eindeckers, the easiest target seems to be the pilot sticking out the top, so I tend to normally just see craters.

Zoomed in, I saw the pilot slumped over in his cockpit - he must've been good! His engine stopped in the air, so he made a dead-stick landing just before dying.

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