Yes I knew this AND mouse-look would be a great addition to WoFF, but I had to fly it, to realise just HOW good. Marvelous bit of work!

A slightly OT question if I may - I realise the shaders not the game doing the shadows came with an earlier version of the mod, but how are shadows turned off, in WoFF (original - on my old PC now sub spec)? As cfs3config is no longer used, I located the file configoverides.xml and with Wordpad, set DisableShadows val=y (ditto for DisableTerrain and SceneryLighting, 'just in case) but I'm not sure if that has turned off what I need to turn off - I get a bit of stutter low down, so maybe I'm still getting shadows rendered twice, though it's not obvious. WoFF doesn't have a workshop setting for this.