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I think if you roll you automatically try to keep your head level so you tilt your head slightly. So maybe when the craft rolls say left, your head/view rolls left a bit then you move it back, so maybe a damping effect is all you need, it moves left, then sort of auto corrects?

Maybe I am misunderstanding but wouldn't your head/view roll right a little bit in order to correct if the plane rolls left? In essence, one tries to keep their head upright to some degree, which would move their point of view in the opposite direction the plane is rolling in, within the restrictive limits of where a full harness would let you move, of course. And yes to the auto correct! It should be momentary and then back to center.

yes exactly Hellshade, I was describing what happens to your head before you correct it. i.e your head starts going left on the left roll, then you auto correct somewhat by moving it back .. to the right.


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