Amazing shot, Adger; catching the sun just clearing the trees and ebbing the shadows on that zep.

I had an interesting day myself.

I no sooner got my new paint job air-born when we got jumped by a flight of Hab's. We were chasing a couple of Rolands when they came in on us, and of course, my trusty Wingman left me to deal with the three of them.

I was quickly running out of sky when I pulled a maneuver I like to call Panic-attack and somehow ended up turning the tables.

First guy looked like he was going to dive under and away but I guess didn't realize my suicidal tendencies.

Could not resist as this is what I was seeing.

Rolled all the way up and out to port and there was number two. I guess he thought I'd gone down too because he didn't make a move. That burst that I'm firing must have hit him because he spun and went straight down.

Circled around with the third (was Heinrich Bussing) spitting lead at each other until I managed to cripple him up, get in behind him and empty what I had left into his back-side. A second later his wings came off, and down he went.

That smoking spot on the deck? Yeah, that's the first guy, his wingman. I figured they'd want to be buried together.

I think that lady luck was sitting my wingtip today...and I hear she can be fickled.

Love the N-17, and agree, love this game.

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