The latest version of WOFF UE_Mission_editor 1.0.7 - you can download it here WOFF UE_Mission_Editor 1.0.7

List of changes in version 1.0.7:
- first attempt to implement RAF_Louvert's fabulous maps (only Flanders region at this moment) - many thanks and credit goes to RAF_Louvert
(NOTE - the map is distorted due to map georeferencing process. It was not possible to do it w/o distortion. I have spent tens of hours to make it as good as possible, however, I am still not satisfied with result)
- user can make a choice between online or offline map at any time (via checkbox)
- user now can select and assign his wingman and observer (because WOFF sometimes randomly changes your observer). Of course, users are not allowed to assign HA as wingman.
- some bug fixes - disappearing/missing payload for strike missions, fixed addition of pilot to formation, etc.

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