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I like it AnKor great job. I imagine it's wind buffeting that's adding to the motion?
For me the effect of negative G was more visible/stronger than positive G?
(I tried a Pup and Tripe so far)..


Yes, probably it is the wind working as intended, but somehow it looks too strong now that you can "see" it in the cockpit. Unfortunately I didn't have time to test with various FM settings in WOFF.

There is no difference in negative/positive G in the calculations, so maybe it just looks like that or that's how the FM works.

LowDrag, meanwhile I figured out how to add the view roll into CFS3. Seems to work well and looks unusual.
However I have no idea how CFS3 interfaces with TrackIR so I can't add roll support there. I will ask if OBD can help with this smile