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Hi! smile

I have a surprise here.
Long time ago I teased a "head shake" feature which moves the viewpoint in cockpit according to G-forces when you maneuver. There were many obstacles in its implementation and at certain point I even thought that it is impossible... but here it is.

JSGME-ready mod for WOFF UE: Download Link - HeadShake.20161221.Beta.zip (will open stupid "one-drive" interface, but should start download automatically)

This is still a beta version so use at your own risk and do NOT contact OBD about any issues if you use this mod.

There is a way to adjust certain settings, but first I want to gather some opinions.

What a fabulous Christmas present, thank you AnKor! I really like the effect and as for the improvement to the blue triangle issue, it's fantastic! So many great mods recently, combined with the wonderfulness of WOFF UE. I feel very blessed. Thanks all!


..."I took the Stutter Challenge....AND WON!!!"

...”My PC’s been banned... for taking PEDs!!!”

...”The stutters only happen on Wednesdays when it’s cloudy. The rest of the time we’ll be just fine!!!”