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Hi! smile

I have a surprise here.
Long time ago I teased a "head shake" feature which moves the viewpoint in cockpit according to G-forces when you maneuver. There were many obstacles in its implementation and at certain point I even thought that it is impossible... but here it is.

JSGME-ready mod for WOFF UE: Download Link - HeadShake.20161221.Beta.zip (will open stupid "one-drive" interface, but should start download automatically)

This is still a beta version so use at your own risk and do NOT contact OBD about any issues if you use this mod.

There is a way to adjust certain settings, but first I want to gather some opinions.

What a fabulous Christmas present, thank you AnKor! I really like the effect and as for the improvement to the blue triangle issue, it's fantastic! So many great mods recently, combined with the wonderfulness of WOFF UE. I feel very blessed. Thanks all!


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