Thanks everyone, this is the feedback I wanted!
There is no need to test for anything special, just whether you like the effect, whether it is actually playable like this, and if there any oddities or unexpected behavior.

busdriver, I partially agree that the effect might be exaggerated (have you tried IL2 Cliffs of Dover - that's the game that throws you around in the cockpit like a ball), but it serves a purpose to *show* you the forces affecting the pilot, which you obviously can't *feel* sitting in front of a monitor. If use TrackIR you can easily compensate the offset, just like you still had to use your muscles to keep your head straight during maneuvers in real aircrafts.
By the way, in my old video the effect was much stronger that in this version of the mod, and it can be adjusted further.

Fullofit, you already noticed two issues.
First of all, view rolling is not implemented. The reason is simple - CFS3 doesn't have any controls for roll in virtual cockpit. And my mod plugs itself directly into CFS3 code and then uses built-in view controls. I want to try "to go deeper" and find a way to apply the roll to the view, maybe it will work, but the downside is that you won't be able to compensate it with TrackIR. Perhaps it won't be a big problem if the effect is subtle enough to be noticeable without interfering with aiming.

That back and forth movement is an odditiy in WOFF which I can't explain yet, it doesn't happen in stock CFS3. I already had to add a lot of damping to hide it, but it is still noticeable in some conditions. It was the one of obstacles which was delaying the mod - it was unplayable without a lot of damping.
It might be the way flight models work - as PR mentions pitching up and down is visible in external views, and it is also visible if you press 'Z' and look at G force number which jumps around from 0.6 to 1.4 or so. I understand these aircrafts are lightweight, but it still looks odd.
It is also possible that some internal logic works differently in WOFF and my mod gets wrong data, but I doubt it.

manitouguy, haha, you are right -- this version partially fixes that annoying triangle issue.
It seems to be a stupid bug in CFS3 code, especially noticeable when using TrackIR. My mod was also suffering from this so I had to investigate the cause. It appears that CFS3 code is designed in an odd way because it can change the direction of view AFTER it already decided that parts of the terrain are out of view and shouldn't be rendered. I solved it for TrackIR, but triangles might still appear when turning the aircraft quickly or rotating the gun in gunner position. Not sure I can fix those.